Watercolor flowers, blossom bouquets

By 21 June, 2016 Watercolor

Blossom bouquets 2 in 1 pack with best flower’s collection for your design works.

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There are over 20 png elements and 12 psd layered bouquets. Be sure to click on the previews to see all the items!

This is an art digital item.

:::::::::::::::::: WHAT THE ZIP FILE CONTAINS :::::::::::::::::::::

PNG floral elements [Over 20 beautiful flowers and florals : bouquet, birds and butterflies ] PSD layered bouquets [12 psd, png included ] Ready-made design with lotus flowers [psd,png] 3 birds and 2 butterflies PNG
:::::::::::::::::: File size:::::::::::::::::::

Red calla 3704?×?4961px

red peony 2100x2400px

three lilies 5210?×?5571 px

blue roses 2552?×?2831px

magnolia 2319?×?2716px

lilies 2146?×?2401px

mix flowers 3163?×?3457 px

hyacinthus 2448?×?2715 px

Lilies 2146?×?2401px

Yellow Lilies 3163?×?3457px