The Hand Lettering Toolkit

By 10 June, 2016 Hand Lettering

Say hello to The Hand Lettering Toolkit | 67 Ridiculously Real Brushes + Bonuses! a collection of 67 Photoshop brushes created to work harmoniously together to create gorgeous hand lettering work.

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Plus, as a bonus you’ll get a set of carefully crafted crosshatching brushes unlike anything available anywhere!


A. The Whole Kit & Caboodle Hand Lettering Brush Set

3 Blue Sketching Pencils
3 Red Sketching Pencils
2 4H Pencils
4 2H Pencils
2 HB Pencils
3 B Pencils
2 2B Pencils
5 4B Pencils
1 6B Pencil
1 Pencil Pressure Shader
1 Calligraphic Pencil
2 Calligraphic Pens
4 Lettering Ink Pens
2 Brush Markers
2 Chisel Pens
6 Letter Builder Pens
2 Letter/Form Builder Pens
2 Lettering Detailer Pens
1 Sexy Letter Liner
1 Thin Rough Pen
1 Micron 5 Pen
3 Textured Shaders
3 Vintage Inkers
1 Subtle Rubbed Pencil Shader
2 Watered Texture Pens
2 Conte (Rough and Textured)
B. Bonus #1: Useful & Unusual Brushes

2 Vintage Stamp Crosshatcher Brushes
3 Ink Crosshatcher Brushes
1 Blue Ballpoint Pen
1 Black Ballpoint Pen
C. Bonus #2: Behind the Scenes Resources

6 Professional Hand Lettering Time Lapse Videos
3 Hand Lettering PSD Files (so you can reverse engineer Shauna’s sought after lettering process)
1 Lettering Cheatsheet (filled with ideas and tricks to try in your own lettering)
FREEBIE PACK: Beginners Sketch & Ink Pack Want to take a test drive of a few brushes before taking the leap? We totally understand. Try a limited selection of sketch and inker brushes FREE.

Click the link below to download your FREE sample brushes:

Are you new to hand lettering? This tutorial will have you making your first letters in minutes!

Did you know these hand lettering brushes were made by a professional hand lettered? Yep, true story. These brushes were made by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, a professional hand letter based on Orlando, Florida.

Shauna has worked with clients including Harper Collins, Fortune, International Delight, Harpers, Scholastic, Public, Wall Street Journal and tons more. Plus, she’s the co-author of Creative Lettering & Beyond ? one of the best-selling hand lettering books written in the past few years.