Flow Brushes

By 18 April, 2018 Bundle, Design, Design bundle

This brush set was inspired by a clean modern style of contemporary illustrations. Flat, but dynamic illustrations made with multiple small flowing strokes.


With Flow brushes you don’t need to draw this little strokes separately. Save time, choose a right brush and draw dynamic no-stretch lines easily!

Use brushes for line-art or make dynamic details in modern style. There is a wide range of brushes inside the pack. With multiple color version of brushes, you can make unique bold style illustrations.

These playful brushes are great for children book illustrations.


68 no-stretch (pattern based) brushes for Adobe Illustrator – brush keeps its shape over their entire length​
same brushes in a multicolor version – to draw bold colorful lines easily!
Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6 – CS3
Adobe Illustrator CC version contains autogenerated corners
Quick tutorial how to make rounded corners in CS6 – CS3 version
Quick tutorial how to re-color multicolor brushes easily!
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