Artsy Watercolor Designer Toolkit

By 30 May, 2017 Design bundle

A great new collection featuring hundreds of textures, patterns, styles, swatches and illustrations!


We put a lot of work and thought into this product and we are very proud of how it turned out and we hope that you will enjoy it too! Choose from 200 styles for Photoshop, 200 Illustrator swatches, over 200 high resolution JPG and PNG textures and patterns and 130 hand drawn illustration! With this kit you can create thousands of stunning graphics for web or print and we guarantee that you will attract some attention!


50 Watercolor & marble styles (for Photoshop)
50 Watercolor & marble swatches (for Illustrator)
50 Watercolor & marble JPG seamless patterns 1200x1200px
50 Artistic styles (for Photoshop)
50 Artistic swatches (for Illustrator)
50 Artistic JPG seamless patterns 1200x1200px
100 Gold and metallic styles (for Photoshop)
100 Gold and metallic swatches (for Illustrator)
50 Gold and metallic JPG seamless patterns 1200x1200px
40 Watercolor JPG textures 4500x3500px 300dpi
40 Marble JPG textures 4500x3500px 300dpi
22 Artistic JPG textures 4500x3500px 300dpi
35 Gold and metallic JPG textures 4500x3500px 300dpi
20 Paper textures 4500x3500px 300dpi
30 PNG patterns 4500x3500px 300dpi . 22 PNG seamless patterns 1200x1200px
130 Illustrations – vectors for Illustrator
130 Illustrations – shapes to install in Photoshop
130 Illustrations – high resolution PNG files
Video tutorial – How to install and use the styles and shapes in Photoshop
Video tutorial – How to install and use the swatches in Illustrator